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Community Groups

Following Jesus is something we are meant to do with others. COVID has made that more challenging. But because relationships are so important to life and our spiritual journeys, we want to provide a safe way for you to be together with others. That is why we have created Community Groups.


Community Groups are easy to form. Just pick one or two other individuals or households that you feel comfortable around and find a time to meet each week for six weeks. Since the weather is currently nice, we encourage you to meet outdoors - in your driveway, on the deck, or even in a park.


Groups will start this fall the week of September 13th. Use the first link below to register your Community Group and receive your subscription box starter kit. If you are new to New Cov or just don't know who to partner up with, use the second link to let us know you want to be in a group and we will try to get you connected.

Prayer Request

Our prayer team would love to pray for any requests you might have. Use the button below to submit your request.

Event Request

If you would like to use a room or rooms at New Cov for your event, please click the link below to fill out an event request.