Helping people know and follow Jesus (making disciples) has always been the mission of the church. At New Cov, we want to make that process clear and simple. We have identified four key components to spiritual growth and invite every one, no matter how connected they are to New Cov, to engage with the step that best meets their current need. There are plenty of ways that each step can be pursued, but we are recommending the following options as they have historically provided the most benefit for the greatest number of people.


We hope you will join us as we…

Experience God

God invites us to know and experience Him in our daily lives. Here are some simple practices and activities that can help you can grow in your experience of God.

Choose Community

Following Jesus is easier and more enjoyable when we walk that road together. Connect with others who are also on the journey.

Invest in Others

Helping others grow and meeting their physical needs are important parts of our own growth with Jesus. These steps will help you get involved with giving back.

Share Jesus

Life with Jesus is not a secret meant to be kept by a few. It is a new way of life that is to be shared with others. The following steps will help you invite others to follow Jesus with you.