Pastor Search

On Sunday, August 14th, 2022, Pastor Tim announced that, after 22 years at New Cov, he would retire at the end of September. Despite our sadness at the announcement, the pastoral staff and governing board fully support Tim and his decision. We will use this page to communicate our process moving forward with monthly updates on our progress.


October 2022


The Governing Board and Pastoral Team met twice this month to continue work on the search for the next pastor at New Cov.


In the October 3 meeting, the group discussed nominations for a Pastor Search Team, whose members would include some staff, some Governing Board, and some ministry leaders and members of New Cov who believe in her vision and understand her mission. They came up with 10 nominees and Pastor Troy contacted them, asking them to prayerfully consider being part of this Team for the duration of the process ahead.


The group also discussed hiring a pastor search firm to help us navigate this process. Pastor Brent researched a few options.


In the October 27 meeting, the group reviewed information Pastor Brent gathered from three pastor search firms. We discussed pros and cons of each firm in a variety of areas:

  • How do they assess candidates’ strengths, temperament, personality, etc.? What evaluative tools do they use?
  • What does their process look like, from searching to helping us interview to salary package negotiation to post-hire support?
  • What if no candidate is hired in the first round?
  • Are they big enough that they draw from a large pool of candidates?
  • What sort of attention will they devote to us as a client? Are they easy to reach? Will they be available when we have questions or concerns?
  • In what ways do they stand by their work? What guarantees do they offer clients to make sure the candidate hired is the best fit?


The group discussed that New Cov has a somewhat unique situation: our staff have been together for many years, and our current and founding pastors are still part of the church. How will each firm assess our congregation and pastoral team, to make sure we are a good fit for the candidate?


The group narrowed the field to two firms, and Pastor Brent planned to email those firms with some follow-up questions. In early November we will hire one of the two to help us find our next pastor. Later in the month the Governing Board, and staff will meet with candidates for the Pastor Search Team.


How you can pray:

  • For our Pastor Search Team to be equipped and guided by the Holy Spirit as they begin meeting and communicating with the pastor search firm.
  • For our Pastoral Team as they move into the holiday season ahead, that they would find energy for the work of ministry, but also energy for their families, and good rest on a regular basis.
August/September 2022

Estimated Timeline

Subject to change as we move ahead. See the latest update above for more information.


September 25, 2022 - Tim’s Last Sunday, and Celebration Event for Tim and Karron

October 1, 2022 - Tim's last day as Senior Pastor

Fall 2022 - Establish search team and criteria for new staff/pastor

January 2023 - Search begins

Fall 2023 - New staff/pastor hired


What are Tim and Karron's plans?
Who is leading the church in the short term?
How can I be praying for the leadership transition?
Who do I contact about weddings, counseling, funerals, pastoral calls, etc.?