Dr. Bret Welstead

Dr. Bret Welstead is a native Nebraskan who moved to Lincoln to attend the University of Nebraska in 1996. He began attending New Cov in 2000 with his girlfriend Tracie. Tracie and Bret were baptized at New Cov in 2000, married here in 2001, and today their family includes three kids: Cole, Jack and Lucy. Bret enjoys just about anything to do with music, from listening to writing/arranging to performing with others. When the pandemic hit, Bret and his sons formed a band to entertain neighbors from their driveway. His favorite food is spicy, his favorite recent movie is Dune, and his favorite book is whatever he just finished. As the Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts at New Cov since 2006, Bret encourages and equips musicians and other artists, plans and facilitates worship services, and teaches from the platform and in the classroom. In 2016 he earned his Doctor of Worship Studies degree.


Contact Bret:
office | 402.730.3372