God is enough verse list

As part of this week's sermon, we want everyone to consider how God is enough for us in each and every circumstance we find ourselves in. Click the button below to view/download a list of verses reminding us of God's sufficiency.

New Cov Kids Lesson

Our team of volunteers does an amazing job of bringing the truths of scripture to our children in understandable ways every Sunday. We don't want you to miss out on that if you are just exploring New Cov or watching online. Clicking the button below will take you to this week's lesson. There are versions for Preschool and Grade school aged children. 

Current Worship Playlist

At New Cov we sing songs of prayer, praise, encouragement, lament that turn our hearts and minds to Jesus. Singing together is a symbol of our unity in Christ, and a way to tell the world about our great God! Here are the songs we will sing this Sunday. For past Sunday playlists, and other playlists, follow us on Spotify.


This Week's Bible Reading Plan

Read Ruth 1-4 for this week. Answer the following questions:

 What does it say about God?

 What does it say about me?

 What is God communicating to me?

 What am I going to do about it?