Serve at New Cov

Serving is a great way to grow spiritually. On the surface, it might seem like serving is something that would deplete us. But in reality, it can energize us and even transform us. There are a number of ways to serve at New Cov. Check out the options below and let us know how you want to get started.

Ways to Serve

New Cov Kids

Part of reaching the next generation is investing in our children. We have a history of providing quality programming for kids at New Cov. But that is only because of the quality of our volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to serve on both Sunday mornings and for other events throughout the year.

New Cov Students

Helping middle and high school students navigate every life situation with trust in God is at the heart of our student ministry. There are a number of ways you can volunteer with students from  leading a small group on Wednesday night to accompanying students on a service trip.


Ministry Teams

We believe that God has equipped every person with unique talents so that they can serve others. At New Cov, there are a variety of ways to put those skills to use on different ministry teams. The worship and arts ministry, men’s and women’s ministries, and serving groups are just some of the ways to be involved.

Serve the Community

Showing the love of God to those who aren’t yet a part of our church community has long been a value at New Cov. We want to see the basic needs of people met so that they have the opportunity to flourish and grow. We partner with a number of organizations in Lincoln who do great work. Join us on Sunday mornings, or check here regularly to find opportunities to serve in our city.

Ways to Serve

Local Agencies

For many years now, New Cov has partnered with service organizations in Lincoln and Lancaster county that are doing wonderful work. Fresh Start and Royal Family Kids are our two current partners. If you want to know how to give to these organizations or get more involved, contact LaLanne Drake or Jan Michael Beran.

Service Projects

We are currently in the process of developing relationships with programs and organizations that will allow us to be directly involved in serving people here in Lincoln. We are excited about the possibility of serving others face to face. If you want to be notified when service projects become available, please use the link below to fill out a short form and let us know that you want to serve.

Be a Mentor

For the last two thousand years, the community of Jesus followers have passed on the faith to the next generation. One of the most effective ways of doing that is through spiritual mentoring. If you have been following Jesus for a while and would like to start mentoring someone, please contact us. We would love talk about what that could look like and provide some training to help you succeed.