Katie Smith

Katie Smith is a native Nebraskan who has grown up in Lincoln and has attended New Cov since she was born. After working for a local non-profit for a few years out of college, she joined staff in September of 2021. Katie and her husband, Andrew, met while attending the University of Nebraska and the rest is history. They were recently married in the summer of 2021. They enjoy doing a wide variety of activities: (including but not limited to) playing tennis, watching all different kinds of sports, going for ice cream runs, dancing, traveling, and having very competitive and intense Wii Sports tournaments. Katie loves her family, is a sucker for a sweet treat, could spend hours in Menards, and endlessly cheers on Husker Football and North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball. Her favorite place to eat is Shen Cafe, her favorite ice cream place is Topper Popper, and her go to hang out spot is The Mill. Katie serves as the Student Ministry Director which includes overseeing both the Middle and High School Youth programs.