As people who have been greatly impacted by following Jesus, we want the people that God has put in our lives to experience the hope and peace we have in Him. We think the activities below are essential to sharing Jesus. Each action includes opportunities and resources to help you share the love of Christ with others.

Love Your Neighbor

Sharing Jesus begins with actually getting to know the people around you, whether that is your neighbor, co-worker, fellow student, or the parents of your children’s friends. There are some great resources for learning how to do this at

You can also find an updated version of The Art of Neighboring on RightNow Media.


Placed for a Purpose is another great source of ideas on building meaningful relationships with our neighbors and co-workers. You can find the book on Amazon and they have some helpful resources over at You can also check out their weekly podcast.

Tell Your Story

If we love people well and develop genuine relationships with others, eventually the topic of our faith is going to come up. We want you to know what to say when that moment comes. There are some great resources available on telling your story. Look for links to those soon.


Beyond telling your own story, you will at times find that you have the opportunity to tell the story of Jesus. Again, knowing what to say in those moments is important. The 3 Circles Life Conversation Guide is a great tool for telling the story of Jesus. You can learn more here and you can download the app from your favorite app store with the links below.

Go to the World

We want to be people who love our neighbors and tell our stories so naturally that we can do so anytime, anywhere – whether that is with our actual next door neighbors and co-workers, or people halfway around the world. Throughout the year, we will provide opportunities that make it easier for you to engage with the people God had put in your lives. We also send teams each year to other parts of the world through our New Cov Global ministry. Check back regularly for the most current info.